Monday, October 01, 2012

Journey to the Holy Lands - Part 2

After a long hiatus, I'm back to editing the remainder of my photos from my study tour of the Holy Lands.  Here are the next few albums.  I'll keep adding until I'm done.

On May 1, we left Tiberias and headed for Jerusalem, stopping in Nazareth and Caesarea on the way.

May 2 found us on and around the Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem.

The following day we visited the ancient Canaanite villages of Beit Ummar and Hebron.

Friday we were again in Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives and along the Via Dolorosa.

Saturday took us to the Dead Sea, the lowest land spot on earth, and to Masada and Qumran.  At 1:30 pm someone said the temperature was 104 degrees F. 

We spent Sunday, May 6 ~ our last full day in Israel/Palestine ~ learning more about life on the Palestinian side of the separation wall.  We visited neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and witnessed the site of home demolitions.

Very early Monday morning, we left the Gloria Hotel for the final time, boarding the bus that would take us to the Tel Aviv airport.  Now that I have finished editing my photos, I plan to do more writing about my experiences.  Look for blog posts in months to come.

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