Saturday, May 12, 2012

Journey to the Holy Lands - Part 1

For most of the past month, I've been traveling through the Middle East ~ from Egypt to Jordan to Israel/Palestine.  Now I'm home again with over 1700 digital photos and half a thick notebook full of notes and jottings to edit, reflect upon, and publish.  I've started with the photos, and I'm putting them on Facebook because that's the easiest way to share them with family and friends.

Two albums are up so far and more will be coming.  I've added a running narrative so that they are more like photo essays than just albums of pictures.  Here are links to view them if you are not one of my FB friends: Cairo and Luxor.  I'll return to this blog post and add more links as I finish the remaining albums, so please check back every few days for the next couple of weeks.  And enjoy!

Monday morning, 14 May: I've completed the album on the Sinai.

Monday evening, 14 May: Here's the link to Petra.

Thursday afternoon, 17 May: Jordan is now posted.

Wednesday, 23 May: After a few days' delay, I'm back up and running on a brand new computer.  It does make uploading and editing photos a lot easier.  So here is April 27 in Bethlehem.

Friday, 25 May: On Saturday, April 28, we drove north to Tiberias through Taybeh and Nablus.

Monday, 28 May: Our first full day in the Galilee was spent in Northern Galilee: Safed (Tzfat), the Golan Heights, and Banias (ancient Caesarea Philippi).

Wednesday, 27 June: Well, I've finally gotten back to editing photos.  Here is the album from our day on and around the Sea of Galilee.

I've run out of tags and still have a week to go, so please continue with Journey to the Holy Lands - Part 2.

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