Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Compelled to Listen at Gunpoint

Author Chris Rodda reported today (03/30/2011) that potential presidential contender Mike Huckabee, in a speech at the Rediscover God in America conference held in Iowa last week, stated his wish that all Americans should be forced, at gunpoint if necessary, to listen to the lectures delivered by pseudo-historian David Barton. 

Such an extraordinarily unChristian, and probably unconstitutional, intention seemed to me to require some response in protest.  I therefore drafted the following letter to Mr. Huckabee, which I have sent via the "contact" link on his webpage.  If a prominent politician believes that he has the right to compel the obedience of citizens by means of armed force, then I have serious concerns about the future of our democracy.

Mike Huckabee
via website contact page

Dear Mr. Huckabee:

I have learned that you desire to compel every American to listen, at gunpoint, if necessary, to David Barton’s lectures.  After prayerful consideration, and in accordance with the teachings of Jesus regarding appropriate non-violent response to oppressive demands (see Matthew 5:38-41), I conclude that because (a) I am an American, and (b) I would not willingly listen to Mr. Barton’s lies and distortions of our national history, I must advise you that I am one who would be subject to your desired compulsion.

I am therefore writing to invite you, Mr. Barton, and the gun-handler of your choice, to schedule a time when you will visit me and exercise your stated desire.  Please be advised of the following: (a) I do not own a television, so if Mr. Barton is not available to deliver his lecture in person, it will be necessary for you to bring along the proper equipment for display of a recorded message; (b) I intend to have three witnesses with me – one of my pastors, a representative of the local press, and an ACLU attorney.  Because one of our two pastors is a Black man, and I don’t know at this time which one might be available to attend, I request that you choose a gun-handler who does not harbor any racist sentiments.  It would be tragic if an “accident” were to happen to an innocent witness.

Because my schedule for the spring and summer is quite busy, I suggest that you submit at least three or four proposed dates for your visit.  I also invite you to read some of the articles on my blog in order to familiarize yourself with my thinking and beliefs.

Marian L. Shatto

Pray for Peace, Work for Justice, Sing for Joy

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